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42 Days of Darkness TV Show Review - Sometimes You Have To Let Go

Netflix brings yet another quality international crime drama and this time its from Chile. The true crime shows are over crowded and the formula feels very familiar here too. But with a highly realistic tone, a poetic felt narrative style and with a compelling character study this will stand out from the usual crowd. Now if you are expecting a chilling and fast paced who dun-nit thriller stay away.

Based on a real life incident, the story follows the life of Veronica and how her disappearance impacts the family and the community. Its a very intricate story and i loved the way its combines fiction and reality in a believable way to reflect upon the society and judiciary. The crime may sound simple but getting those right answers and that too with proper conclusive evidence is a hard game. The acting is top notch and atmosphere and mood building is taken to a different level. Even without cliff hanging moments or heart pounding BGM you will press the next episode button for sure.

The ending may not appeal to all. Sometimes we need to get going and accept the uncomfortable truths. This chili-an series is a great example on how to make a crime drama compelling and grounded with potent screenplay and characters. If you want to try something different and have the patience go for it.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Subjectivity prevails)

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