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Bramayugam Movie Review - A Devlish Act

A for Aattam in Jan and B for Bramayugam in Feb, Malayalam films are trying something new and succeeding big time. Rahul Sadasivan second film is brilliant evocative dark fantasy on greed and power. Set in 17th century, the film is fully shot in a monochrome format. Mammootty's role as the ruthless and reckless master (Koduman Potti) is a real stand out and yet another terrific role selection. It beautifully weaves the age old grandma stories we used to listen to about witches, tantriks, sorcery etc. Its a terrifying fable which plays with your mind.

If you dig deep, there is a strong underlying metaphor in the story. The depleted mansion is a symbol of cruelty and trap. The master is a symbol of greed and power hungry privileged human beings. The other two character represents lower cast and is a symbol of slavery and oppression. It’s got some really haunting moments enhanced by superb visuals and isolated settings. The movie crafts a claustrophobic atmosphere mood than jump scare moments. The camera angle also plays an important role, it focus from top and close up when Mammootty is on screen and for rest its a bottom up and far shot approach. With captivating performance from all the 3 characters this is an fine example of how horror films should be made.

The ending is also worth a mention, power is a non-curable disease no matter who owns it. This film holds a special place in my books like one of my favourite film Tumbbad. Welcome to the haunting age of madness world.

Verdict - 4/5(A path to greed)

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Yogi C
Yogi C
15 de mar.

Found another interesting metaphor too. That of the devil. It resides inside the mind and wields control to make one feel either powerful or oppressed. If one gives time to this devilish thought, it will play dice with the peace in your life. Power needs a subject to rule over and relish the fear it creates and the oppressed needs a power to rue the subjugation and rise to rebel one fine day. Take away the subjects, loads of food is not worthy as the power-hungry looks out to find fresh places to reign over. Ultimately there is just a transfer of residence for the devil - the entities of Power and the oppressed shall continue to remain in the…

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