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Cold Case Movie Review - Frozen to Death

In a recent interview the director of the film Tanu Balak indicated: now a days thriller films audience acceptance rate on OTT platform is around 80%. I unfortunately fall into the remaining 20% category for this film. A recent trend i have seen is, not every one is able to execute a good concept. The Malayalam film Nizhal and the latest Netflix offering Ray are great examples for these.

Billed as hybrid genre film, this one started off well with an idea similar to Nizhal. Unlike other murder mysteries here the victims identity itself is unknown to start with. Here the investigation is forked in parallel. The first one is handled by our protagonist ACP Satyajith (Prithiviraj) who has to use brains versus brawn approach for this story line to solve the case. The second one is handled by an investigative journalist Medha (Aditi Balan) which has touch of unnecessary super natural elements.

There is no standout or startling revelations as the story progresses. The criss cross path was really a let down and the climax was indeed a cold feet and rushed approach. The spooky and jump scary moments were not really adding anything to the story and it felt really flat with its templated approach. I still haven't decided whether to laugh or be serious with the climax scene and the dialogue on conflict of logic vs faith.

The sense of mystery and suspense drama was missing in most parts and the makers failed to keep up the curiosity level of the audience. I learned quiet a lot of new procedures and keywords and i really dont know if we have such sophisticated forensic technique in identifying a human skull. Overall Prithviraj first direct OTT release did not gel with me though it had an interesting first half.

Verdict - 2.5/5(A Freon Gas Mystery)

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