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Driving License - An admiration gone wrong

There is a famous saying followers make a leader and fans make a celebrity. A fan frenzy going wrong unintentionally is not something new. In this film director Lal Jr applies this concept with simplicity , sarcasm and escalating tensed moments. The story about a fanboy and his superstar is spiced up with loads of entertainment, funny moments scattered throughout, and an expected ending. With some clever writing and a terrific natural performance from Prithviraj throughout and Suraj Venjaramoodu in the second half, the film hold together despite its overall shakiness.

The film deals with the concept of person’s behavior and personality through the two dimensions, dignity and ego. How things turn the life when one of these dimensions gets affected form the crux of the plot. I really liked many aspects of the film especially the first half. The satiric plight of producers, directors and a dig into the television media felt relevant. Anything to do with Celebrity life gets widely publicized and they tend to forget the fact they too are ordinary people with flesh ,blood and emotions like others. That is pure form stalking.

What did not work for me is the film felt one sided. What i would have liked to see was a gripping character study and dig deep into their conflicts and primal instincts. I felt that would have made this an appealing watch. The pain of the fan got lost in the film and the highlight moved to superstar and his stardom values. Kuruvila's character finally gets the credit towards the climax but that was too late in the game. The second half KBC setting felt very exaggerated to me. I saw lot of people praising Mia for her role, i felt it was overdone. Overall its decent watch thanks to its run time and use of irony to mock.

Verdict - 3/5(Crossing the Line)

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