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Halal Love Story Movie Review - Oru Malappuram Kathi

In Sudani From Nigeria, the story of a good Samaritan was told in an elegant and heartwarming way. In the second feature, director Sakariya tried to redeploy the same feel good factor with minimal success. The biggest problem is, there is no story at all and when you try to make every scene pleasing and every character carrying a heart of gold, it wont create an impact. Its a lost feeling of stuck in a maze and dont know how to come out. The only saving factor to some extent was Joju George and Grace Antony's presence. There are few great moral conundrum and beautifully-directed stretches that felt fresh.

The husband and wife story looked very shallow and the friction between them does not appeal to me at all. The director should have focused more on the George life as a good parallel thread. Instead of diving into the complexities and joys of a relationship, they give us shallow shortcuts via montages. Only few scene and observational humor (the debate on hugging) did work but overall the comedy was badly timed. Soubin as the sound designer felt irritating and failed to invoke any laughter.

The whole side of religious organisation and religious-minded film crew felt disappointing. They never showed the story within a story and its relevance. And the overall insecure feeling messages like "Dont people like us deserve to make or watch movies" wont stick as you never get that message from the movie. Its a confusing tale which is like neither there nor here syndrome.

Verdict - 2.5/5(Beyond comprehension)

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