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Kohrra TV Series Review - Love's a Bitch

Netflix’s latest one from Pataal Lok writer is an authentic dark tale investigation drama with some terrific cast and a densely packed story. With a minimalist background score, this slow paced narration digs deeps into human relationships. If you are expecting thrills and frills in this investigation story, then this is not for you.

It take its own time and pace to set the grim mood of the investigation. It starts with a NRI's dead body in the fields along with missing person case. Two Punjab cops join hands to solve this perplexing case where the suspects list piles up. Each one has something to gain knowingly or unknowingly. The investigation reveals some very unpleasant truths and dysfunctional family relationships. Everyone has bit of grey shade but there is no judgment or morale questions or preachy scenes here. You be the judge. The ending did remind me of a Malayalam film. Even with six episode it may test your patience due to some significant drags.

The stand out part of the show is its well written detailed plotting which has finesse and sense added to it. The patriarchal environment is by and large a reflection or rather hides smartly the unpleasant society norms. I am surprised to see how the humor was integrated well with the show. You need to pay attention as to the who and why part, as its there all over but the show smartly hides that. The investigation takes you along and you will both root and hate the characters. The ending did lack the emotional punch considering how rustic the take was. It's cleverly written show with a murder backdrop. The two cops, Barun Sobti & Suvinder Vicky drives the story forward with their terrific screen presence and a flippant character arc.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A Disturbing Pandora Box)

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