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Landscapers TV Series Review - A Brilliant Colman propels this unusual true crime story

When the title card in the beginning itself displays the final court verdict, i was bit skeptical to proceed. But with Colman on the show, i decided to continue. And voila, it did pay off purely because of its distinct flavored presentation complimented by some power house acting. The makers had quiet a bit of creative approach on their sleeves to make this HBO mini series a worthy watch. Its amazing to see how they mixed fiction along with reality and how they interluded the past and present in an inventive way.

The story is about a brit couple (played by David Thewlis and Olivia Colman) whose 15 years old dark secret past comes to haunt them. The couple who has been living in France returns to England to turn themselves in and to face the trial. The show slowly unravels the mystery and is being narrated through their view point in an art-house style. How they stand to each other no matter what, is pulled off with a reasonable conviction. The police aren't convinced with their version of the story and the reason behind their act, and they all start to piece together evidence playing their own tricks. The color and visual space plays a key role in the narration and that will you keep us locked in. Its an ambitious take and the couples weird and wonderful love story beneath is layered beautifully till the final scene. The story explores troubled childhood, trauma, marriage life and love without being judgmental.

In the 4th and final episode, the creators went bit overboard with their ideas and i felt that part to be problematic though i can understand why they chose to go in that angle, considering the characters film obsession. Overall i am impressed by this strange oddball sinister story.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Truth is stranger than fiction)

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