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Master Movie Review - Kaduppu Da!!!

Updated: Jan 31, 2021

The famous saying third time lucky is reversed for Lokesh Kanagaraj. After his last two successful films Maanagaram (an enjoybale hyperlink story) and Kaithi (An entertaining one man show), his third film is a mere mediocre effort. In an attempt to over commercialize and to make a room for superstars, he compromised a lot on quality. In fact the poster itself says it all. Just shut up and dont talk about the movie. He should go and watch few films on how to create a mass with class (AK , Theeran Adhikaram Ondru and for that matter his own film Kaithi). Watching was a Kodumai (Torture) experience. Here are the top Kodumai's from the movie.

Kodumai 1 - The mass intro scene of Vijay. Spinning around for 15-20 minutes with fights scenes ranging from Public Bus to Metro train this was one of the worst start, i was expecting a Canadian flight action sequence but luckily it did not happen as he did not have a budget to break a plane.

Kodumai 2 - Quiet obvious one, 3 hours duration but i being the Master of the Remote Control this was an easy fix.

Kodumai 3 - He showed how to Effective Utilize Women characters in Indian cinema , each one of them stand out (no pun intended). And the Rambo scene oh my god, thumbs up.

Kodumai 4 - The music. Absolutely no variety and on top of that English lyrics and the same old rap type number. Time for a change.

Kodumai 5 - Screenplay and overall treatment, a predictable masala and for me neither the style nor the substance worked out in this hulk (massive punch) vs Ring master. In the end its not going to appeal the actor nor the director fans. And its a film that feel stitched together with quiet a lot of ideas taken from old films. There is no flow in the story.

Kodumai 6 - A super let down supporting cast, i especially liked the guy with that robotic voice in the juvenile home :)

Kodumai 7 - Yes I watched it. Its a self punishment so no one to blame. Sense undavanam, Sensibility undavanam and Sensitivity undavanam.

Verdict - 2/5(A wasted attempt)

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