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Pada Movie Review - Rebels with a Cause

What separates good movies from great movies, often comes down to social relevance. Based on real events for the Adivasi rights, this is a defiant act by a group of people named as Ayyankali Pada. The film emphasis the need on why voices needs to be heard. Its also a very strong reminder on retaliation and what happens when people are taken for granted. The movie focuses on a particular day of significance in Kerala politics, 4 October, 1996, where a group of people held the collector hostage with a unique demand.

The group wanted to bring their issue to media and the center to know the truth of the government betrayals which has been going for decades no matter which political parties comes into power. What follows is a somewhat tense situation on how the authorities and police force trying to negotiate with the Pada. Its a different ending than what you will expect and i like the way they correlated the actual names with a touch of documentary clips.

Director Kamal KM handled the subject with authenticity, rooted reality and with some drama without loosing sight of the end goal. This is a sympathetic depiction of the disparate citizens banded together and legitimate anger of the marginalized communities. Its a wonderful cinematic experience that conveys an inspiring truth about how ordinary individuals have the power to question and try to bring change. That lesson is worth noting, especially given the influence money has on our political system today. The four main actors are excellent and there is no heroism at any point in time. I loved the collector guy. Its brilliantly designed, staged and photographed, with amusing soundtrack to compliment the tension.

The message the film left is so relevant even after 25 years and i am afraid it always will. Its a warning sign and goes with the saying people should not be afraid of their governments but governments should be afraid of their people. Sometimes one act can inspire people for coming into action and to doing the right things. Now whether Ayyankali Pada's extreme actions are a justifiable one? you better be the judge. To me personally, Left or Right the state situation has remained the same for ages and progression, promises exist only on papers.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Long Live The Revolution)

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