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Soorarai Pottru (praise the brave) film review - Wings to the Common Man

Some ideas are set in stone and some are born to beat the odds to make it happen no matter what the circumstances are. So here comes the movie which is based on the life of Capt Gopinath (founder of Air Deccan) who became a pace-setter for the entire aviation business. Its an usual templated story with some commendable performance from Suriya and his partner Aparna on his dream come true journey of setting up India's first low-cost airlines. One of the best parts of the screenplay is a sub-plot of Maara and Bommi which felt fresh. There are some terrific and memorable scenes which Surya anchors to perfection. You can see a passion in his eyes like a man possessed. To make things interesting the director took quiet a lot of cinematic liberties to make it appeal to the masses. I liked the way it ended and they never went ahead to showcase what happened to this business model after 4 years.

Its a commendable journey of conquering the odds and i wish the viewers could be part of that throughout and feel it. The underdog tale could have been much much better if the script was tight and less overloaded with emotions. I dont think the non linear narration added any punch. The melodrama connect at many times felt flimsy and unnecessary. To me there was too much turbulence from start to finish and the movie never took off and failed to achieve a desirable outcome. The caricature villains, lip sync problems and uneven story telling makes the movie watch a bit painful in the end. I am going with a generous 3 out of 5 for this.

Verdict - 3/5(The Fighter)

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