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The Billion Dollar Code Review - One for the Nerds

Updated: Oct 10, 2021

Some true events needs to be heard and this time for a change its German makers who brought life to this famous story on screen. The narrative goes back to 1990's, the beginning of internet era, focusing on the lifes of Winklevoss brothers and their innovation named Terravision which now many know as Google Earth. The original name is forever forgotten and thats the irony and fate of many startup's and original ideas. Its a beautiful tale of unusual friendship and loyalty.

When their idea of visualizing earth gets stolen, they both fight for justice against the invincible opponent on a patent infringement case. Will they succeed forms the crux of the story. The story shifts smoothly between 90's and present, capturing their early lives ,their brilliant minds and how they fell into the trap. Its a known wake up call and crushing reality of the power of big clans. Even with so many cases against the big 4's all over the world, their ruthless displacement and dominance continues. Their data-hungry strategy has reached its heights. The 4 episode miniseries is clever in its treatment and its high recommendation from my end.

The final episode on the court trial was bit of a drag but it worth your time. Its not a typical rags to riches story but its a story of trust and relentless passion to change the way we see the world. It indeed is a breath of fresh air with a known yet a beautiful ending. With an amazing casting, its difficult not to root for the lead pairs. You will stay along in their journey. Though many products are being sold as free, we all know being connected had a price – its our data and data is the king. We are now in a known but ignored surveillance world and our life map is with them to play around at their will.

verdict - 4/5(Don't Be Evil)

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