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The Social Dilemma - TV Series Review - The Consequences Of Our Attachment

Today I am what I am is because of my yesterday’s choices. And where I shall be tomorrow will be decided today.” Unfortunately this decision matrix is now largely being controlled and managed by none other than the digital Frankenstein monsters. The Pandora box has opened long ago and it has cast a spell on our lives big time. Now the the word AI is reversed to IA (Internet addiction) and the new gen is fallen into gaming disorders of massive scale. The new documentary from Netflix (yet another addictive tool) is a take on the unchecked anatomy of big tech giants around the world. It features interviews with many of the original designers of Google, Facebook and Instagram who is now giving us a dire warning on the consequences of the long term addiction the internet has created. Concisely or un-concisely we have fallen prey to this and thats the magical power this industry has.

None of this isn’t news anymore and the documentary follows the familiar plot of, you are being watched and every action you take is monitored day in and day out. Its a fresh take on the most debated subject now. It shows that we are actually the lab rats and the internet's psychological implications. The best saying in the show is If you are not paying for the product then you are the product. The tech platform once meant to bring positive outcome and meaningful changes is taking a larger than life form factor. The documentary mainly focuses on the business model of the tech giants and how they decide the fate of who you are and who you will become in the future. They sell certainty with ease. In the end the message is loud and clear, the world needs to change where personal life and interest of people is going to be more important than the big tech giants profit models. What is needed is a self awareness and a revolution.

Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself. This cancer needs to be removed and who can do it, none others than us. The catalog of change needs to start from each and every person. Barring some lousy dramatizations, its a good show worth your time. Dont expect anything radical, but the remember the warning signs were there from the start and this shows further reemphasizes it. Finally the choice is ours and are we ready to bring the change or just operate on fire and forget mode, is a big question that needs to be answered sooner than later.

Verdict - 3/5(The Real Game Of Thrones)

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