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The Undoing TV Series Review - An underwhelming murder mystery

I dont like watching series which showcases each episode a week, but two names Nicole Kidman , Hugh Grant along with my favourite genre kept my interest on. Each episode of HBO’s latest high-profile case offered a cliff hanger finish even though the entire story as such felt weak. The show started in a promising way and the first 3 episodes were very good and then its starts to wear off. It focus on the life truing events of therapist and her oncologist husband when a murder is committed. Then starts the slow revelation of jealousy, deceit and human psychology piece by piece.

Even with many known names, this new series has not been able to live up to the expectation. In the end it had nothing new to offer or a compelling second half to be hooked into. The last episode was a dead rubber melodrama which failed to appeal to me and the resolution was not enough for my satisfaction. The overall reveal and courtroom drama felt like a joke in the end. Watch out for some trendsetting wardrobes from Nicole. The close up shot and facial expression are key in this above average whodunnit mini series. The balancing act was missing. It just a time pass series which cannot be taken seriously.

Verdict - 3/5(What Lies Beneath)

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