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Three-Body TV Series Review - A profound mystery

This Chinese ambitious and imaginative series is a deadly combination of Revolution, Math, Science, Sociology and Philosophy stitched together beautifully. They have recreated one of the conceptually complex sci-fic novel The Three-Body Problem (Part 1 of the Trilogy) and stayed true to the original content. This is the first Asian novel to win the prestigious Hugo award. This is how you narrate a story which felt closer to home. Netflix took the rights and western version will soon be out in Jan 2024 and its helmed by Game of Thrones directors. Let see what magic they can create.

The Three-Body Problem begins in 1967, during the cultural revolution and span across multiple time periods. The concept of, can we seek help of external forces to reform humanity is presented in a compelling and visually pleasing manner. The first-contact idea is taken to the next level with a mind-unfolding style. Even with a minimal budget, the visual effects stood out. And those who have read the novel will know for sure its a very difficult way to represent some of the mind boggling ideas on screen. While the 1961 sci-fi classic, Solaris attempted to solve a two sun in the orbit concept, here its a 3 sun orbit (TriSolaris planet) which even though with a super advanced technology to deal with 8 dimensions, still failed to crack the three body problem.

Its a masterclass in sci-fi telling a complex story about the perseverance of intelligent life navigating using unique metaphors. Some of the high-level particle physics and sci-fi concepts will be overwhelming and hard digest at times, but the makers did simplify a lot. Its tough to follow with subtitles. What also stood out is the depth in the characters and choices of wonderful casting. The clever uses of nano technology and scientific principles will baffle and mesmerize you at the same time.

It a long one for sure and not everyone will enjoy the slow burner narrative which had lot of repetitive elements, especially some of the game episodes. It took a while to hit the point and i think they wanted this to be faithful adaptation. But if you love sci-fic and have bit of patience dont miss this one. In the end three fundamental questions arise; Are there things which are beyond the reach of human beings, is humanity worth saving and is science real? Its a stunning conclusion to part one. Now i need to read Part 2 and 3 at any cost as i dont see any one trying to bring that to big screen yet.

Verdict - 4/5(A Revelatory Hard SF)

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