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Vikram Movie Review - The Ghost From The Past

Updated: Jul 13, 2022

The canvas is big, the expectations were high as the film marks the return of Kamal Haasan after a long gap and i have to say Lokesh Kanagaraj packed enough of a punch to make it a worthy watch. If there are comparisons drawn with his earlier film Kaithi then those will be tad disappointed as that was a great thrill action ride with a solid emotional and unexpected humor touch. I was expecting this to be in-out Kamal show but to my surprise the first half thunder belonged to Fahad. Towards the interval block the Ghost marks a solid entry and from there on its an explosive action pack with all guns and grenade blazing. Now that kind of action is catered towards specific audience.

Whoever has seen the trailer can easily make out the plot, its about drug mafia and a hunt for a missing truck. The script is a good one and its fast paced especially the first half and the vengeance story is well executed with an excellent power packed BGM and chilling cinematography. Lokesh didn't waste any time and set the context quickly at a brisk pace. He cleverly avoided the fanboy oriented approach but still gave him a style, swagger. Pure Kamal fans may complain for sure.

As usual with any entertainment, mass star studded film comes liberties and over the top exaggeration and here also its no different. But its far far better when compared to films like RRR which was loaded with WTF and hard to digest sequences. The biggest drawback is, in the process of acceleration Lokesh left plenty of loop holes and logic misaligned. The whole climax portion with the kid absolutely was bonkers. They could have handled those with much sense. There are no big shocking revelations. The editing looked awful at times as the tonal shift from location to location will not register that easily. Vijay Sethupathi character was the weakest of all.

With the new terrific antagonist in the picture towards the end and how they connected the Kaithi Dilli character into that, i wont miss the sequel for sure. Have a pop corn and enjoy this action flick. The twitter has found a new hash tag #LCU (Lokesh Cinematic Universe) and he definitely knows how to appeal the mass without too much of compromise and proved once again form is temporary but class is permanent.

Verdict - 3/5(The Eagle has come)

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