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12th Fail Movie Review - Pre...Mains...Aur Life

Updated: Nov 7, 2023

I was in two minds, to go for it or not, for couple of reasons. First being, the end to end struggle, dream, grit and determination around clearing some of the toughest exams in India has been beaten to death by TVF content creators starting from Kota Factory to Aspirants. The second one was being skeptical on what new can someone offer considering this being a real story and we know the outcome upfront.

But i was wrong to some extent as the veteran director Vidhu Vinod Chopra delivered a heartfelt story to perfection. He used a combination of sound of silence , sitar and brought the best out of the cast to give a real feel good film with a heart at the right place. The vibe of Delhi's coaching center which is brimming with talent and dreams is showcased with elegance. The struggle and raw emotions felt real and you will root for the characters. This is Vikrant Massey best performance till date. Though predictable at many places, what will stay with you is Haar Nahi Manuga attitude. Chopra topped it up with a nice tale friendship and love to make it more appealing.

The underdog story of Chambal's IPS Officer Manoj Kumar Sharma will stay with you for a long time. It will inspire a millions of people and they will relate to it. The nation needs more of MKS and more importantly the whole ecosystem of education to bureaucracy needs a sweeping change. In Chopra's term the entire system need a restart. "Kaun kehta hai ki aasmaan mein suraakh ho nahin sakta, ek pathhar toh tabiyat se uchhaalo yaaron"

Verdict - 3.5/5(A Solid Restart)

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