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The premise of Unda felt very similar like the movie Newton. This movie focuses on a bunch of policemen from Kerala, travelling to Chhattisgarh as part of their election duty assignment. Mostly told in a realistic way, this is a dry satiric and intriguing look at the apathy of the state machinery. Not been made aware of the risk they are going to take and with a least preparation, the team faces challenges of a life time. The team led by the vulnerable sub-inspector Manikandan played beautifully with conviction by Mammootty also is clueless on how to manage the situation. The film deals with many issues in a subtle way including discrimination, ego, self respect, internal clashes etc. Most of the situational comedy was a real fun to watch. The lines were phenomenally clever and relevant to modern times. The good thing in the first half was there was minimal heroism and felt like you were part of the camp. None of the characters missed a beat, inhabiting their characters completely. My only problem is towards the end where the film flutters and goes bit absurd. Even the tribal plight story felt weak and you couldn't root for the characters and the state they are in. In the end you will realize where the real threats are from. Overall this film is welcome relief and a great addition to Malayalam film industry. You wont be disappointed with your booking but not entirely a convincing act.

Verdict - 3/5(A cold bullet)

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