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A Weekend Almost Ruined

Its been ages since i watched 3 films in a row and 2 out of 3 disappointed me. Here is my short summary.

No Sudden Move Movie Review - A Baby Sitting plan gone wrong

Steven Soderbergh movie starts off with a simple task for three petty thugs, but the plan goes horribly wrong and then the hunt begins to find the motive. Soderbergh moves in his familiar territory. The story value increases its complexity as the film progresses. Its not easy to follow and at times it confusing as there is a always a double-crossing involved. But towards the end when the credit starts rolling and a rewind of the entire story will make a lot of sense.

A high class ensemble with a surprise Big 4 boss cameo is all blazing guns when it comes to acting. 1950 retro looks and the age old biting social criticism is seen through out. It felt like ode to the movies of that era. Its complexly constructed neo-noir but the final act was plain simple and clumsy which was bit disappointing. For the kind of start and the build up i was expecting more. Go for it if you are a fan of Soderberg and loves the fifties noir ambiance.

Verdict - 3.5/5 (Power and Prosperity)

A Quiet Place Part II Movie Review - An Unnecessary Sequel

Hollywood's addictions to making Sequel never seems to end. The prequel caught me off guard and it was surprise hit of 2018. It had some beautifully sequenced thrilling scenes and the concept of sound was done beautifully. Now after watching the part 2, i feel there are certain movies which should be left alone. The adventure of Abott family left a bland after taste.

The director seems to run out of ideas and its the same repeating formula without exploring any new territory. The film begins on Day 0, when the alien invasion started and after a brief context setting it switches to the present where Emily blunt and family moves on with their survival instinct. The excitement and general mood are a little emptier this time around. The film is technically great but it cannot hold your attention for longer. The only saving points are the music and sound. The emotional experience of the prequel fades here and it really leaves scope for some drastic improvements. With no character development the family dynamics looks pale in the fight in this silence story.

Verdict - 2.5/5 (Run for Life)

Haseen Dillruba Movie Review - A tangled mess

Kanika Dhillon plotted a great role for TP in Manmarziyaan and i was expecting some magic again in this film. But it looks like someone took the old guilty pleasure movie of Anurag Basu (Murder) and polished it rough edges and fine tuned towards to display the morally fragile shades of women. The end result is a kichadi which even Dinesh Pandit will strike off this from his novels. Do they even know a forensic department exist in the country?

The trailer looked promising, it started off in thrilling mode with a cylinder blast and a dead body. The prime suspect being the wife of the deceased. As the film progress, we can see how less sense it makes and i dont know what the script was really trying to achieve. Both Taapsee Pannu and Vikrant Massey played their part beautifully.

A small town, unhappy marriage, few domestic comedy and its all a familiar setup in this relationship drama. The whole police station folks along with public watching interrogation looks silly and ridiculous. The madness in love was really weird. In the end there is nothing romantic nor there are any thrills. It falls flat out and added nothing in terms of organic development in story. The climatic final act you can see that coming miles away. This is a film which is at best filmy and clumsy.

Verdict - 2.5/5(Gone Girl)

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