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Aa Karaala Ratri - Kannada

Here comes a little unknown film for many of us and it did throw in a big big surprise. I am more than satisfied with this thriller which is gripping with some top-notch performance and a brilliant writing to back it up. The female lead dominated a big way and she managed to portray different shades with ease. The synopsis is simple, a mysterious traveler visits a poverty-stricken family in a remote village and asks for shelter for one night. The family reluctantly agrees but what happens overnight is something you should watch on screen. If the director had paid bit more attention this would have been a flawless thriller. But with a short run time and shocking climax this one is worth a watch. The film was completed in less than 15 days. Available on hotstar for free.

verdict - 3.5/5(Desire is the root of evil)

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