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Aavasavyuham Movie Review - Normal is an illusion

Every once in a while, good things really do come to those who wait and that was a damn worth. A brilliant concept and execution makes this political satire a unique watching experience. Mind you, its not everyone's cup of tea. This mocku-mentary genre blend is superbly multi-tiered in the modern so called civilized world from the director Krishand. The wry humor is top notch in this amphibian and ecological story telling of a man , the beast and our perceptions.

This a perfect attention to craft and artistry. Every performance hits all across the board and there were flashes of brilliance all around. It questions history, humanity, religion, science and more importantly it questions the very idea of existence. A minimalist film-making that once and for all proves that quality of story trumps all. Its fascinating yet difficult-to-swallow kind of approach did work big time for me. The film thrives on the debate and the question of what if.

The film also legitimately poses the question of physiological possibilities of such a crazy idea. This is a film that exudes style and simplicity in equal parts, with a story and dialogues that captivate from start. The first 10-15 minutes will make you mad, but hold on and enjoy this unusual premise. Each chapter targets something specific in a distinct way and a pointed existentialism in the end. There is a layered prince and frog story tagging along through out with a cuteness. SonyLiv continues to showcases great feature films. And no wonder this film won many awards.

Verdict - 4/5(A metaphor at its best)

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