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Anatomy of a Fall Movie Review - Guilty or Not Guilty

This Palme d’Or winner French film scores superbly on screenplay and relies heavily on pure acting talent from Sandra Hüller. She single handedly shoulders the film with an emotional punch. Husband dies, wife becomes the prime suspect and what follows is an intriguing courtroom drama.

This is not your typical thriller type closed room proceedings, but its more of psychological introspection and validation though facts from past and present. The writing digs deep into the intricacies of a marriage and equality. What stood out is how you use the language and situation to your advantage. The drama closely related to the coexistence between three main characters.

With an effective staging and fabulous acting this demands attention through out. The film isnt perfect and can be annoying at times, but its a different take on complexity of human behavior. At the end, we all perceive things the way we want to. Its in human blood to hear what we wanted to hear and see what wanted to see. If you are looking for definitive answers then this will disappoint many, but sometimes we have to respect the creative freedom of choice. The air of suspicion and uncertainty largely looms around through out and that makes it a memorable watch. The director challenges the audience to play with their prejudices. Its a bit óf a cold act but it was my cup of tea.

Verdict - 4/5(Mysteries of Marriage)

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