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Anjaam Pathiraa(yil) Anveshanam (thinu ethiya oru) Psycho

Thats definitely not a movie tile, its infact 3 movies. Just got a chance to watch all the three movies. Here is my short summary.

Anjaam Pathiraa

My pick is Anjaam Pathiraa, even though it reminded me of 2018 Tamil movie ratchasan a lot. The movie suffered heavily from acting department which is a rarity in Malayalam cinema. From ACP to DCP all felt so artificial and they just couldn't manage to bring any expression on their face. It was real cold feet approach. The director played safe sticking with the standard pattern of a serial killing movie. Its the same story line, a killer on the loose, the revenge motive through flashback and the final nabbing scene. There were some interesting surprises along the way but the BGM and acting couldn't elevate the suspense factor. And that is where ratchasan was successful. It had quiet a lot of moments to thrills with a weak story line in comparison to AP. Overall its a good attempt and can be enjoyed if you love thriller type movies.

Verdict - 3/5


Based on the Buddhist tale of Angulimala, Psycho deals with a murder mystery involving a blind man. Mysskin artistic film followed a different approach than the typical serial killing theme. With his stunning frames and some creative ideas he did create an impact of trying something new. Its brutal in its story telling and visually stunning at the same time. Its not a conventional serial killer film as the director was trying to explore more on why aspect than who aspect. Its more aligned towards the psychological thread. Illayaraja sir's music and Tanveer's cinematography added a special poetic touch. Here the killers identity is revealed upfront and then its a matter of cat and mouse game with a blind protagonist trying to hunt down the killer with the help of a lady police officer. It had its own moments to rave about, but overall the second half treatment and the climax was a let down. Trying to bring sympathy towards a serial killer didn't work out for me. The love story did not connect with me at all. To me its not the best from Mysskin and a lost opportunity.

Verdict - 3/5


The movie started off damn well. A seven year old boy gets into an emergency ward with a serious head injury. The family and the friend version, the boy fell down from the staircase, but the hospital staffs have their own doubts on that story. It gets reported to police as a child abuse case and the investigation kicks in. Till interval it was going so well. The entire story line is compressed within one night within the hospital complex. We get to see multiple versions from the family on what has happened. Stories like these needs a great beginning, a suspenseful middle portion and a great ending. This one only satisfied the beginning part, rest all felt completely out of place. There was no need to diverge the story to different medico case. The makers should have explored the core concept further and given a strong message in the end. But it is what it is. A great casting and acting complemented well with the first half Other wise a fairly disappointing second half with great acting.

Verdict - 3/5

My recommendations you should watch all these films but wait for the Prime Release.

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