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Arishadvarga Movie Review- The Murder As A Gift

This film starts with a robbery gone wrong and then it turns into a murder scene followed by an relentless investigation procedure. The story told from the perspective of 6 people , their circumstance and intended / unintended motives. The title (six internal sins) hence became the core concept of this story. There is something willfully and arbitrarily sinister feel to the overall treatment. The story moves through a series of songs which is little bit unusual for a crime story but i enjoyed this off beat treatment. The Pandora box is slowly peeled open and resolves with poignant discovery.

As the film rolls on, we see the stories of the six people through flashbacks, and the connection is slowly established. There are quite a lot of detailing in this film which is bit tough to follow due to back and forth narrative style. This film offers a great slice of fun combined with quintessential film noir setup. For me it a sort of a retro puzzler which has more character emphasis. The banter between the characters is smart and swift. The usage may be somewhat dated but it still holds up in this film. The unexpectedly grim finale of the film is curious one and its further establish the fact that moskha will always remain as a myth.

The only problem is the feel for stand out moment was not there and it really went for a long narration. Nevertheless its a different mood setter and a great narrative trick, hence this Kannada film is worth a watch. Don't expect a fast paced thriller whodunit here.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A Two-Dimensional mind)

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