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Article 15

India, the biggest secular and democratic country in the world, is still know for its rigid caste system. This film is the take on Article 15 of our constitution, which encourages us to change our mindset on discrimination but those remain strong on paper than in reality. Directed by Anubhav Sinha, the core subject is centered around the immorality of caste discrimination that are largely known but purposefully ignored. It is loosely inspired by events of Badaun rape case and how a righteous cop trying to solve a caste-related crime. Its a hard hitting and powerful portrayal of the inequality that exists in our society in the name of caste. What makes it a compelling watch is that the film never feels preachy, and unfolds as a tense drama with unexpected amount of humor and the number of paradoxes. Ewan Mulligan frames added a grim mood to the overall gritty subject execution. This to me is the most powerful film of this year so far which is well-researched and is a riveting police procedure. AK yet again strikes gold with his role selection and he was a treat to watch. There are plenty of heartfelt moments which will remain with you even after you leave the theater. The support cast is pitch perfect and the cult screenplay provides ample screen space for every one to excel. In the end you are left with the biggest question after Seventy-two years after India's Independence, are we really doing the walk the talk on Article 15 of the constitutional right ? Though you wont get a direct answer in this film, but it leaves you with the hopeful thought that perhaps we're not there yet but that we are on our way. It’s not an ending, really. It feels more like a beginning.

Verdict - 4/5(We will un-mess)

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