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Aspirants Review - Pre...Mains...Aur Life

The Viral Fever (TVF) production has never disappointed. They are known for showcasing simple yet relatable tale. From Gullak to Panchayat their success rate is very high in terms engagement factor. Their new web series ( 5 episodes) is now fully available on YouTube. This time they follow the life of 5 characters, focusing on their friendship and hardship around clearing India’s oldest , toughest competitive exam UPSC. The vibe of Delhi's coaching center which is brimming with talent and dreams is showcased with elegance. Even though there are 5 characters the story primarily focuses on three but the role played by other two (especially Sandeep bhaiya) is very significant.

Coming to the shows strength part: the punch aspect is the one liner motivational quirky dialogues and shaayari. Picture this from an IAS officer speech in a college event ("Kaun kehta hai ki aasmaan mein suraakh ho nahin sakta, ek pathhar toh tabiyat se uchhaalo yaaron"). The BGM adds an extra layer of rousing feel to it. The ensemble cast is spot on and what a talent they have. The friendship tale is nicely done and emotions are pure and raw. Comparisons of their friendship with films like DCH and ZNMD are inevitable.

As its sponsored by Unacademy, there is no dearth on brand endorsement here (Aaj Ke Zamaanne Mein Naa, Bina Drornacharya koi Arjun Nahi Ban Sakta). I am sure they got a good marketing out of this series. Now cliches are plenty and drama sometimes feel bit forced. The series goes off track and becomes too personal in the end (which i didn't mind at all). So its not purely an academic struggle story but a Plan B story too. The feel good factor will definitely touch the right chords and its an easy crowd puller. And no wonder this is now rated as one of the best series offering on YouTube from India.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The power of balance)

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