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A familiar story of Oppression and revolt is presented in a typical Vetri Maaran style. The thirst for blood and violence never seize to exist in his film making. Though Asuran is not his best work, it did have it moments thanks to some brilliant writing in the first half and great performances. Maju did get a meatier role and she did full justice to the role. The movie follows Ambedkar's powerful sub-texts "Kattravai, Pattravai" in the reverse order with a great finishing message. The oppressed will have their day and heaven help the oppressor when that day comes. The movie starts off great in a tensed fashion till the interval block and that part belonged to the director VM in showcasing a new avatar of Dhansuh. Then as usual the commercial aspect of heroism takes over. The second half was bit of boring with flashback and some unwanted drama. Then finally the tables were turned, the stage was set for another round of revenge and violence. The film is rich with some interesting dialogue without being preachy and VM effortlessly cranks up immense tension with some astounding BGM support. Will there be an end to this escalating violence, only time will tell. I am still waiting for VM to cross the benchmark set with his cult Visarnai.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The cyclic process)

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