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Avatar The Way of Water Review - A Cameron Aquatic Epic

Its widely known in Hollywood that the Canadian film maker James Cameron is being viewed as one of the most difficult and demanding directors. The reason being, he is known for perfection ,visual obsessions and dont let go until the results are out there to meet his vision. One of his early film The Abyss though tanked at the box office, was a case in study for that. It was something you have never seen or experienced way back then and that too was set in the year 1989 when technology was not at its helm.

After 13 yrs of the prequel , his imagination and creative ideas has gone by leaps and bounds. Cameron is obsessed with ocean and this is a perfect homage to that. Here he crafted a best high frame rate (48 fps seen in movies for the first time) to give an incredibly immersive feel. The sequel still focuses on the story of Jake Sully but this time he has a big family to take care. The SKY people return to take control and his blue community is at threat. What follows is first a run away type resistance but in the end the fight back was inevitable.

None of his films are known for emotional connect or deep character study and there is a slight improvement this time compared to his previous films. But dont expect a tug of heart feel. As usual, the story is a thin red line and hardly breaks any new ground. And he makes up for that with a visual spectacle encounter of a third kind. This is what i call the revenge of an artist (for the critics who rated The Abyss). No one has explored these kind of advanced technologies to make the cinema more spectacular and vibrant. Visually it is overwhelming and you can always stare in amazement at the screen. This is one heck of a brilliant underwater cinematography i have seen. The last IMAX film which impressed me was The Gravity. The Pandora world looks more and more beautiful with each installment. The IMAX experience takes you from the edge of the seat to the actual location.

My eyes did hurt a lot, as wearing a heavy IMAX 3D glass over a specs for a 3.10 hrs movie is not an easy task. Its sensory overload and i would have appreciated a better trim time for this marine park journey. It indeed is quite laborious and lacks a narrative speed. Even if one can find a great deal to criticize about the film, it hardly matters in the end. The extravaganza he created manages to overlook all those things. A true IMAX experience and three Oscars for sure (one for Best Visual Effects, one for Best Cinematography and another for Production Design). if you dont watch in IMAX then you can only blame yourself.

Verdict - 3.5/5(The Pandora Resistance Continues)

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