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Avengers: Endgame

The Infinity war ended in the most unexpected way (the famous Thanos snap) and that was one of the best cliffhanger climax i have ever seen in an Avengers movie. Also In Infinity war, Dr strange went forward in time to view the alternative futures which had a 14 mil scenarios and found only one where the Avengers will triumph over the Mad Titan. And Endgame is that only chance. So is dramatic conclusion and the game worth playing? I am not entirely satisfied but its a good film overall considering the effort to package this star studded casting spanning over a decade of franchise. Personally i wouldn't rate this higher than Infinity war. Divided into three parts and clocking over a solid 3 hrs this may appeal to hard core fans but not to general public. Act 1 was damn too slow paced where we see characters going through the pain of what happened and their grief. Act 2 gets bit interesting where we get to see a light at the end of the tunnel, followed by planning and experimentation. There is too much going on this phase and fans will love it because it connects lot of past and present. But those sequences went on, on making me drained out. And then comes the final Act, the execution phase and that to me was the fun and value for money. The culmination act is one of the most emotional ending of all Avengers movie. I see lot of people asking not to reveal any spoilers, and to me there nothing to reveal, the outcome was laid all in front of you in the last movie itself. We all know who will triumph at the end and sacrifices to be made for this victory. Barring few clap worthy moments and little surprise to offer this one to me was not worth the hype. Nevertheless its a great way to bid farewell and a pride moment for Russo brothers.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Back to the Future)

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