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Axone Movie Review - A Taste of Home

Taking its name from a pungent regional dish (pronounced Akhoo-nee), this film is about a group of friends, from Northeast, who get together to prepare a special dish for their friends marriage. The director here cleverly uses "the smell" as a metaphor to drive an important message in the film. Within 5 minutes into the film, seeing Adil Hussain in a typical religious pagadi (BTW the role is completely wasted), i was expecting this movie to take a very serious turn. But it took a very light-hearted approach in showcasing the harsh reality of a section of community faces. Interestingly it also focuses on the internal conflicts within the community rather than just focusing on the external views. With majority of the actors are from North East and with few fresh faces, the acting felt very flat and two dimensional. With a powerful background score and with a smart story treatment, you wont pay too much attention to the acting skills. This is a well told tale of migrants and there was no better time than this, to release. I never felt any sermonizing effect, but some of the scenes and characters were really unwanted in the movie. The start was good, but it looses it grip in between making the overall experience not that top notch. But i can't complain much here, as finally its a film that seemingly welcomes all that is worthwhile in this world. Its a celebration of life steeped in tradition, being together, love and just the joy of living. Go for it.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Celebrate the Difference)

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