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Ayyappanum Koshiyum - The clash of the Titans

A classy title followed by an intriguing trailer and it did live up to its expectations. Sachi delivers yet another winning script here, it's much more intense than his previous DL plot. Even though the core theme felt familiar which is the ego clash between two males, this one to me felt much more refined. The rivalry between Koshi Kurien and Ayyapan chettan is a classy watch for majority of the time. The movie boasts quite a few palpably tense moments. I especially liked the way it started and we can see the tension mounting in the Police station sequence. It is rather suspenseful, with the tension more or less achieved throughout the footage. Sachy has a a powerful technical solvency and a unique ability to capture the attention of the viewer. The dynamics of male ego, oppression and political power dynamics are weaved in beautifully into the narrative. And the humor felt organic and natural. The character building was top-notch and the script gave ample space for both Koshy and Ayyapan. An oh boy, they excelled and executed their part beautifully. Its an impressive show of talent on screen and i loved Anil Nedumangad role.

It's perhaps not surprising to note, however, that AK suffers from an increasingly meandering midsection with a number of padded-out and needless sequences. It did start to wear out its welcome. But luckily Sachy was able to bring the needed attention back and i loved the climax portion quiet a lot. Its just that the director delayed the inevitable for a long time did throw me off a bit. Needless to say 2 hr 50 minute felt too long and a trim of 15-20 minutes would have worked wonders for this film.

In the end its a great ride as it remains rooted in reality for most of its running time. A winning combination of script and a perfect characterization makes this a great watch.

On a lighter note : A new statutory warning - Vehicle doors must be locked all the time.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A Masculism Rage)

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