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Bad Education - A Hugh Jackman Show

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Based on a true story, this HBO movie is inspired by biggest school embezzlement case in the american history. I really was expecting a cracker of a Whistle-blowing treatment here but it dealt the subject in different way. Even though the scandal story line treatment was bit flat, this HBO movie turned out to be a highly engaging film, thanks to the wolverine act. He was a treat to watch. A strong trump card in the film are the acting performances, that is, the characters. We dont get a clue on where the movie is headed for the first 20 minutes and then slowly the poisonous act kicks in. If you are expecting a hard-hitting edge type, then its not for you. Hugh Jackman portrays Frank Tassone, is a tremendous act. He just lived his part along with Allison Janney who played as his assistant. And the most ironic part is how the film ends questioning the whole system and the easy getaways. In the end the cautionary tale against the dangers of greed and privilege is told in a satire and engaging way. Go for it as the truth is always stranger than fiction. Verdict - 3.5/5(The Rise and Fall)

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