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Badhaai Do Movie Review - Leading a Double Life

The film focuses on the age-old battle between what life gives us and what we do with it because of the social stigma. In the end change is inevitable whether we chose to embrace it or not. Unlike Badhaai Ho, this one is low on humor but high on emotion. The culturally significant film scores big with an overall outcome that it wants showcase but its overlong to make a point on inclusivity. Though there are good situational comedy, most of them did not land at the right place and the gelling factor was missing. It felt generic in its approach and a good balancing act was missing.

The films second half is a realistic take on the problems faced by the community and it treated the subject with sensitivity. It managed well to nail the queer experience. Poignantly acted by Bhumi Pednekar and Rajkummar Rao, they grabbed their shares of act superbly in their own emotionally-charged moments in the marriage of convenience. I liked the way it ended and i would say it hits home and sometime compromise is not a bad idea. I did not get a sense of watching something different though and it wont stick with me for sure as it lacked the gravitas.

Verdict - 3/5(Representation Matters)

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