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Badla - Hindi


Even though i have seen the original Spanish thriller (The Invisible Guest) last year, i still went ahead to watch this for Sujoy Ghosh. I was expecting a desi flavor with some improvisation to the original script, but to my surprise there was none. Its a scene by scene, frame by frame copy doing full justice to the original one with only characters being flipped. Even the hotel they picked up looked the same :). So if you have not seen the original then dont miss this great modern locked room drama. Here is the review of the original one from last year.

The Invisible Guest - Spanish

If the sources are to be believed, AB and Sujoy Ghosh is reuniting for the remake of this Oriol Paulo’s Spanish crime thriller Contratiempo. So i wanted to watch the original to see if its worthy. The story is about a young entrepreneur teaming up with a prestigious lawyer who has never lost a case, to prove his innocence in a murder trial. They have exactly 3 hours to defend the case. How they reconstruct and manipulate things within the four walls of a hotel room forms the crux of this movie. To my surprise its a solid story with a well measured use of flashbacks and backtracking narrative style of film making. A well crafted psychological game which will keep you intrigued till the end. Pacing and unpredictable twist makes it a great watch. And all the best for the remake.

Verdict - 3.5/5 (The two sides of the coin)

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