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Bahut Hua Samman movie review - When a plan goes awry

Undekhi fame director's new film is a satirical comedy which is short and snappy. Its filled with in the moment silly ideas and delightfully bizarre plot. The eventful robbery journey of two mechanical engineers mentored by Sanjay Mishra (known as  Bakchod Baba) is a Pandora box full of comedy of errors and is a fun to watch if not for the entire duration. The retro disco music of 80's add a sweet layer of coating which goes with the mood of the Varanasi settings.

There are some sharp shares of wit and irony throughout in this  hilarious depiction on the perils of unemployment. Despite the absurdity of the film’s tone and approach, clear parallels with our current situation are abound. The characters are well etched out with a half-a-dozen elite performances to watch out. In spite of the screwball-comedy nature of the story, they are completely believable.

Everything becomes a hilarious accumulation of absurd situations that make you laugh, enjoy and escape. For this it is necessary, not to make too much sense of what we see. If you can let that go and not be bothered much by logical thinking then its a reward. Its a good movie, shot and performance are all first rate. Enjoy your 2 hrs in this pandemic situation.

Verdict - 3/5(The Kohinoor hunt)

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