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Bala - A recovery journey from identity loss

The movie introduction is done through the most precious commodity "Hair" itself through a voice over narration. Thats an interesting start and the first half of the movie is laced with subtle one liners and lively blend of laugh out scenarios. How this precious commodity changed the life of young man who had a charming School days is told in an entertaining way. Ayushmann Khurrana as usual handled the role which has to grapple under every day frustration and pressure with ease, on his receding hairline situation. The Bala's family setup and his friends circle add a great mix of value and variety in this small town film. Then comes the sweetest part, when the TikTok fame gal Yami Gautam enters the life of Bala. Their love story in itself was a charm and the director present their lovely short story through bygone era songs and dialogues. There were quiet a lot of stand out moments in the film like Bala venting out his frustration on his father blaming him for his hair loss, Bala brother's agitation against using him for various Hair treatments, Yamis court room scene, her explanation around why beauty matters. Overall i was impressed by the first half.

Meanwhile there were lot of other things which is going on within its short span of 2 hrs. We were introduced earlier on, a parallel story of Bala's class mate played by Bhumika Pednekar. She has to deal with the issue of dark complexion. She never allows her genuine sadness to come in the way of leading her life. She manages things with much more confidence and determination. She is like kuchh to log kahenge, logon kaa kaam hain kahanaa chhodo, bekaar kee baato mein, kahee beet naa jaaye rainaa . The make up department was weak and inconsistent through out and making her look dark for the character did not appeal to me at all.

Now coming to the flip side, it has its own share of short comings. The director was unable to carry the smoothness of the first half post interval. The second half did flatter a lot and i felt Pednekar role was disappointing and less of a value add in the film. I wasn't expecting that character at all in the film to be honest. And finally it falls into the old trap of regressive tropes. And as usual the ending was predictable with some tolerable preaching. The final message was loud and clear with a stand up comedy act. Learn to live with what we have. Realize the most beautiful aspect of life and dont bother much about physical drawbacks. Balidaan dena hoga.

In short a winning combination of main characters, a well assembled supporting cast with great first half covers for some of the flaws in the second half. But i am tired of the same subject being chosen in many movies now this year. It worked in parts and fail to add as a whole. It will have good box office run for sure.

Verdict - 3/5(Badalna hi kyon hai)

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