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Birds of Prey - A Suicide

No matter how hard DC tries, they end up making craps every year. The only movie which i enjoyed from DC was Shazam and to some extent Wonder Woman (Just for Gal Gadot). This is yet another failed attempt from DC to uplift the role of women in blockbuster entertainment. With a poorly chosen casting and characterization, its a complete let down from start to finish. Margot Robbie's as Harley Quinn (the so called the female counterpart to "Deadpool") was a bit of a saving factor, but it was too much of overacting from a sociopaths stand point. The characters in the squad and their dialogues were just atrocious. I just couldn't tolerate this movie at all. The humor and voice over narration explaining everything and going back and forth on justifying things just didn't work for me. There are some visually stunning stunt sequence from the lady gangs but that also felt too outdated. Overall a really bad movie experience which is boring and easily forgettable feminist affair. Bright colors, fireworks and explosions can never replace a a good story line. DC is miles away from a marvel universe. The punch line after seeing this movie is why shouldn't boys have all the fun!!!

Verdict - 2/5(A PIA)

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