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Bro Daddy Movie Review - Onnu Po Daddy

A theater release would have been a disaster for this movie and luckily this being advertised heavily as family drama and with a well known cast this will get a good viewership on OTT for sure. Prithvi's second directorial feature tries its best to invoke a feel-good narrative sprinkled with some situational comedy but fails fail to register to a larger extend.

A very standard templated generic story telling, a super stretched second half of at least by 30 minutes and nothing new to offer goes against this film. The trailer itself did not appeal to me much and because i am a Lal fan i won't miss it for sure. I can't point out anything specific which stands out barring the first 30 minutes of story telling. Prithvi and the script were clueless on how to take the story forward and they introduced some komali setups and forgettable situation with a super predictable climax.

Prithi tries to take a detour of the core theme of the movie untimely pregnancy which has been portrayed in a very authentic way in some old classics including Lal's heavy toned Pavithram and a hilarious Badhaai Ho etc. This high-class family comedy drama is being narrated from the perspective of two families (Kamals Niram setup) and how the awkward situation spirals out. They wanted to be open about it but tries to hide few things leading to a conflict. There were some interesting moments between father and son but after a duration it felt repetitive with predictable dialogues. Soubin character felt so unwanted yet he got some good dialogues in the film. But seriously Antony Perumbavoor for what just because he is a producer.

There is no depth in the story and it just offered a breezy viewing and that may be the need of the hour for people stuck in pandemic. In the end there is a difference between a genuine laugh vs forcing us to laugh and for most of its run time it's the latter that dominates. I am going with a generous 3 out of 5 and you know why.

Verdict - 3/5(A covid quickie)

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