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Chithha Movie Review - A fine quality drama

Last year the film Gargi touched upon a very difficult subject with a female lead and it was a hard-hitting drama. This time its Chithha, which handles a similar subject in a sensible and a sensitive way. Both films avoided exaggerations and the useless over the top drama, though in the latter you will see a bit of traditional heroism tropes. I cant blame it, as the pattern is universal. The blood boils when something happens within the family and you feel that revenge is the only way to counter.

The final message is a strong one and i strongly felt it was necessary to bring the Nimisha story to prove the point. Its a very refined story telling with lot of profound and poignant moments which will touch your heart. There are some beautiful tense stretches in the second half elevating the mood and tone shift that may or may not jell with the first half, but its how people react when adversity hits home. The comments made by the female police officer are to the point and is a reflection of the society.

The winner here is the screenplay and it delivers the cautionary message with a wonderful casting showing the power of love and friendship. Dont miss it, as the emotions felt so real and the uncomfortable portions are handled with care. This film will leave a lasting impact.

Verdict - 4/5(The power of bonding)

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