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D2 Movie Review - A Brilliant Copy Right Act

Updated: Feb 20, 2021

The prequel had a slow start and things gets super exciting after the interval and the one step ahead game was executed with careful planning by Georgekutty. The compelling script was the winner there. There were comments floating around indicating its not an original idea and was copied from Japanese novel. I have read the novel and i can vouch for sure that the barring few inspirations from the novel, the interplay of date game was an original concept. Part one was one of the best family thriller.

Now coming to the sequel, it was less advertised and surprised many to know that its ready. The little dynamite was dropped in on amazon prime and the outcome was a super boom. Once again the winner is the powerful script. Its much more refined and polished and things gets interesting from the word go. The opening scene itself sets the context on whats on the cards for the remaining 2 hours. Here also the director sets some time to establish the new family setup post the 6 years increment. The family never felt safe and you can feel what both families are going through and pride hurt police force is planning something big to unravel the secrets. Like how you aim a running dog, Georgekutty makes the move silently like how you play a chess game with calculation and precision. This is how modern thrillers should be made. You play games with the minds of the viewers and when you think you know whats happening , throw the next boomerang.

I have to admit i didn't see the ingenious twist coming through both at the interval block , the anticlimax and it was a devilish act. Jeethu Joseph once again showed how the twists can be integrated in the movie seamlessly. He lived up to the expectation of the prequel. i loved the stitching of the puzzle piece in prequel than this. But i cant take away any credit from the creativity Jeethu showed in coming with a tighter plot to make it a compelling watch. Mohanlal as usual steals the thunder (for some its an antagonist act). There is no heroism or punch dialogues and he keep his head down but his mind travels faster. Murali Gopi was at his best after a long time. Then there are few Wanda Vision characters which at first i thought was not adding any value but you will be surprised at the end. The movie ends with a beautiful sequence and a dialog his resistance is his biggest punishment. In the end as MT said, Chanduvine Tholpikan Ningalkavilla Makkale.

Now its difficult to make a perfect thriller and this film too has some limitations. As i mentioned above, the climax unraveling and edits could have been done better. I loved the way it was done in the prequel. Then the courtroom scenes with the lawyer and the pure coincidence of the report felt too convenient. The music was bit underrated it didn't help accentuate the story and thrills much like it did in the prequel. Some people felt this kind of planning sounded over ambitious but there were enough explanation given on the fact of luck favors the brave. These are all some minor hiccups which can be easily ignored and i highly recommend watching this than waiting for other language remakes.

Verdict - 4/5(A Classic Criminal Act)

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