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Dia - Fall in Love

Updated: Jul 26, 2020

Tamil film 96 was one of the beautiful love stories i have seen in the recent past. And here comes little unknown and less publicized Kannada film which will definitely win your heart. Its beautiful well made love story. With a terrific performance from three of the lead characters and with some heart touching moments, this one is a clean slate love triangle story. A love story without songs has been superbly complemented by a soul stirring BGM by Ajaneesh Loknath. The film did remind me of few classic Malayalam films directed by Mohan and Kamal. With all the modern touch , well etched out characters and superbly scripted screenplay gives this film a fresh take on love. I felt it more unique with raw emotions of love. The lead character Kushee is an amazing find.

I wish the director paid bit more attention to the ending to finish the film on a high note. It was hurried and its contradicting to the protagonist belief. Thats the only disappointing aspect to me.

Verdict - 3.5.5(Love is slow poison)

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