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Downfall Review - Do What’s Right, Not What’s Easy

This short film packaged a well known story of Rise-Fall-ReRise of Boeing in a crisp and clean way. Even if you have read the articles being published, this short is still a relevant take on yet another corporate greed and capitalism. The motto of Boeing was We're committed to excellence, We're committed to safety and We're committed to our customers. They had a huge credibility and they helped connect the world together. So what went wrong for a such a massive reputed company. It's a classic case of ignoring the warning signs of single point failure, the misuse of power, profit making mentality and cutting corners taking a paramount priority over lifes. More importantly the notion of we can get away with anything no matter what the consequences that may come.

The short is being told from the perspectives of various interviews, affected families, overall proceedings and judgments. When in doubt, blame it on the dead guy. Thats exactly what Boeing management did when the first catastrophic occurred in 2018. They blatantly denied and hid so many facts about the newly introduced MCAS system, but rather indicated the pilot's incompetence and went on to claim that 737 Max is the most advanced airplane and its super safe. They were allowed to fly even when misconduct were reported. Fast forward few months, another shocking news rocked Boeing which doesn't happen on any modern aviation. Yet another crash of 737. Backed by some powerful lobbies including FAA, Wall Street, the CEO did not budge to ground the flight. What follows then is an investigative journalism and interrogation with some shocking revelations around the new system implementation and its aftermaths.

In the end there is this usual corporate world gimmicks, the sacking of old CEO by paying him 66 mil dollars, a new CEO was in place and after paying a hefty fine, this remarkable machine is back on air. A no value for human life continues like a BAU without any remorse. Though there are minor stumbles in the story telling especially when they focused on the history of Boeing, it still is worth your 90 minutes.

Verdict - 3/5(The power of Corporates)

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