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Freedom Fight Movie Review - Rights, Respect and Responsibility

Presented by The Great Indian Kitchen fame Jeo Baby, this latest Malayalam anthology compilation is a refreshing take on social inequalities. All the 5 segments in some shape and form touches upon the core subject of freedom and what that means for different set of people. Its about enjoyment of one's life and respect. Its a fight against our self and society in general. Few stories are nailed to perfection while rest did create a small impact in their own ways. Three best segments which i liked the most are from director Kunjila titled The Unorganized , Francies Louis’ Ration and finally the hard hitting Jithin's The Emperor has an urge to shit.

The Unorganized - Based on real life incidents around women salespersons, this documentary style presentation is top notch with engaging moments that demand empathy and reckoning. With subtle humor and wit, this one dealt a serious subject of lack of toilet facility at workplace in a lighter but still in a impactful way. It beautifully ended with yet another issue mostly do with life of women workers at Jewelry shops.

Pra. Thoo. Mu - The title full form will be reveled towards the end and this one is grim and a difficult watch. Its political and extreme take on class divide. It deals with the life of septic tank cleaners and how they are being viewed and taken for granted in the society. If you push people enough, they are bound to fight back. But not all fights ends well. The oppressed community fight still exist and its real.

Ration - This is class difference and preserving dignity at its best. What we think as super duper priority and importance is nothing for the other set of folks. A so simple overlooked aspect is being told using fish as a metaphor in a way that feels of no importance but beneath the surface it has a real meaning.

Verdict - 3.5/5(A relatable themes)

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