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French Biriyani Movie Review- An Overcooked Dish

I tried this just for Danish Sait, but the end result was not a stomach full experience. You end up having a half baked and still hungry sort of feeling. The story line is too weak and which is expected when someone goes for full-length comedy. But then there should be enough loud laugh out moments and satire to keep the audience interested. Unfortunately thats where it flatters. Its has too many misses than hits. Some of the jokes, dialogues and timings were pitch perfect but the director failed to maintain the same rhythm through out. As usual the fun was there when it comes to the way English words are minced and interpreted. The mistaken identity and this comedy of errors could have been a much much better film. Like his previous film quiet a lot of ideas were put across with lot of characters. In the end this slapstick silly fun neither appealed nor irritated. It's rehash of old priyadarshan style film making sans the end to end fun aspect.

Verdict - 2.5/5(Outdated)

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