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Gantumoote (bag-(g)-age) - Ninaivil Varum Nerangalae

This not so popularly known Kannada movie recently won ‘Best Screenplay’ at New York Indian Film Festival. Here director Roopa deals with a time-tested sub-genre "coming-of-age" tale crossing some conventional borders not often seen in Kannada films. Its pretty good take on the life altering journey of a teenage girl in the 1990's. The story is told in flash back and voice over narration from the leading protagonist played beautifully by Meera (Teju Belawadi). You get to see a different treatment of her first love to heartbreak, and everything in-between like the friendship, gossips, bullying.

Her the script sparkles with fresh, hyper-stylized dialogue whose intelligence subtly moves like a poem. The director successfully embedded the message of gaining own identity and self-respect within this relatable love story. The background score of the violin and piano combo is super effective for the narration.

Some move on and some carry their first love as a baggage. Another highlight of this film lies in the performances of its two main leads who seize your attention from the moment they first appear on screen. This story speaks from the heart, untainted by this era of instant gratification. I am giving a generous 3.5/5 for for this. This is now available on Prime for streaming, do check out as regional films needs some good appreciation too.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Stuck in the past)

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