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Garuda Gamana Vrishabha Vahana Movie Review - A Film Not To Be Missed

Updated: Nov 21, 2021

Raj B Shetty's second film title is derived from combination of Yakshagana (a Tulunadu stage performance which embodies unique style and form) and Indian deity Harihara (one half lord Vishnu and one half lord Shiva). True to its tile, the film depicts the story of two different persona's and their friendship in a compelling way and also its about how the third character Brahma the creator plays a key role. The shades of blue and red represents their journey. Its unforgettably brilliant daunting fusion of style, oozing with a magnetic energy. Backed up by three natural and authentic performance by Raj Shetty (Shiva), Rishab Shetty (Hari) and Gopal Deshpande (Brahmayya), this one is must watch film of this year. The key story of the film is voiced by Brahmayya, a police officer who was at wrong place at the wrong time. But he has his own plans to bring order in a chaotic Mangaladevi area.

Sometimes a movie comes along that just floors you, its images burn so deeply and this is one such film. Most films, evaporate like and their reality fades fairly quickly but not this one, it will stay with you for a log time. This is a movie of the highest order with a brilliant execution and the entire ensemble doesn't put a foot wrong. The fundamentals of any gangster movie remains the same. A difficult childhood, the rise, the journey of conflict, betrayal and a known fall which goes by the saying all they that take the sword shall perish with the sword. So how do you make a movie a compelling with this known setup. Thats where the wondrous aesthetic sense and narration makes the difference. Let each frame and visuals speaks for itself (this reminded me the director Mysskin mastery) which is backed up by a terrific original BGM and folklore songs killer combination.

The film captures the essence of Tulunadu brilliantly and its deep rooted culture. Its also sprinkled with occasional moments of humor and few well made slo-mo shots. This one is a visually alive movie i have watched in recent times. It’s an unusually profound and thoroughly captivating crime drama from Kannada film industry. The film starts with a beautiful song (Demon in me) like the Skyfall movie and the poetic ending is a class of its own. This is how you make a movie with passion and dedication. Its semi-class written all over it. Dont miss this little gem at any cost. I had to call PVR cinemas upfront to make sure it had subtitles.

Verdict - 4/5(A New Wave)

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