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Garudan Movie Review - The Self-Made Psychopath

A well written script, a fluid narration backed up by a restrained yet an effective performance makes this thriller stand out.

The tension build up and a compelling central mystery will keep you invested through out. One of the most common narrative devices found in the genre, ‘cat and mouse’ felt familiar but at the same time incredibly satisfying.

A well developed characters of both protagonist and antagonist brings a deeply unsettling yet oddly mesmerizing presence to the movie. The final confrontation between the two characters is done in a very subtle manner. The movie title meaning will be revealed only towards the end. The whole treatment reminded me of old school film making by Jeethu Joseph.

The movie is well-made in its details, showcasing a different kind of psychos out there; one such is the calm, confident and in control. You need a psychological profile and a methodical analysis to end the game and that part is a clear winner. The evasive actions and taunting behavior between the pursuer and perpetrator is told with virtually zero heroism and devoid of any disturbing details.

There are some flaws but those can be easily overlooked. Its a solid watch and audience will be more than happy with the outcome delivered by the debutant Arun Varma.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Crime and Punishment)

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