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Gehraiyaan Movie Review - The ins and outs of infidelity

The story revolves around the lifes of 4 young people who all look like Calvin Klein models and their toxic relationships. If you have seen the trailer you can easily make out the first half. There is nothing new in first hour, there is this tactile sense of production design, posh settings , a high class get together, crash into a new affair followed by some passionate moments. None of them sticks well especially i didn't like the chemistry between Siddhant and Deepika. The fire was definitely missing.

The second half focuses on how this newly formed affair destroys the lives of three parties involved. A bit of momentum kicks in during the second half where love is put to test. This is where film moves into a half baked thriller sort of mode where desperation and insoluble dilemma takes over. Suspicion and lack of trust follows and to keep the secrets desperate measures are being taken. The circumstances and moment of weakness to create a turning point felt artificial and manipulative.

The only savior factor for the movie is a terrific performance from Deepika and her emotions and pain felt real. The flashes of her past is nicely intermingled to give a good character arc. There are few great moments she shares with her father but eventually the movie is a downward spiral. In the end the so called a modern-day romance and fraudulent morality tale is disappointing. The last cut was superb and i was expecting that in an earlier scene and its a boomerang.

Verdict - 2.5/5(A crisscross)

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