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God's Crooked Lines Movie Review - A Cuckoo’s Nest

If we are all looking for something then insanity is the quickest way to find it. The main pratoginst in Oriol Paulo's latest Spanish Netflix thriller follows these lines to solve a mystery. Oriol combines the settings of One Flew Over Cuckoos Nest and Shutter Island with his own signature style twists and turns. The story follows the private investigator Alice trying to uncover truth behind a homicide in a psychiatric hospital. Inorder to gain entry she herself claims to be a paranoid patient. The plot get thick when she realizes there is much more than she anticipated to crack.

The conspiracy plot becomes more interesting when she and others surrounding her questions her own mental situation. Her compulsive ability to lie and flipping the narrating pattern add bit of intruge and confusion. The protagonist here is a presented with a dominance personality and she represents both sanity and delusional at the same time. In the end, everything is brought together into a disturbing foreshadow of dreadful secrets, but Orio creates a last minute twist which is for us to interpret. The run time will test the patience and its very dialog heavy. The main protagonist and her asylum journey will keep us invested though. Overall its not as compelling as this last two outings but still worth watch.

Verdict - 3/5(The Truth is what you want to be)

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