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HellBound Season 1 Review - A Murder is Announced

Korean film makers are known for coming up with unheard ideas and some creative story telling. This goes hand in hand with gore and dark themes mostly. Few months back we had the Squid Game series which aimed at capitalism in society with a gruesome brutality take approach. This latest dystopian series from the director of Train to Busan takes on Gods will and peoples believes straight on with a mix supernatural elements and multi-genre elements.

This films aims to have a second look at the what , the why and the effects of believe in our society. The series kicks off with a pulsating start and a mysterious ending and i cant wait to see Season 2. The premise is about a messenger from hell appearing and announcing the day and time of death to individuals. And on that exact timings, a Brut force execution happens from three mysteries figures appearing from a portal. Its hard to believe at the start, but the director took a very different approach of story telling to convince this occurrence. It does have load of heavy religious dialogues which sometimes can test your patience.

This new world phenomenon leads to the rise of a cult group that uses it for relinquishing absolute power and instilling fear. They support this wrath and punishment and they believe its the act of god. Those who have sinned must pay for their actions. They soon gain dedicated and massive followers across Korea and are willing to do anything to bring both sinners and those oppose to ground.

Then there are set of folks who questions this and starts working to underpin the mystery behind this. The personal ramification are plenty for those who go against this gods will. Its a slow burner drama focuses on this fight and its less gory. Here the ideology become the main protagonist and the narrative takes a complex interpretation and its an intriguing supernatural series. There’s several notable unpredictable moments that will make this a compelling viewing. The snowy conclusion and a surprise ending will leave lingering questions for second season.

Verdict - 3.5/5(Angles and Demons)

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