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Hridayam Movie Review - A trip down memory lane

Vineeth Sreenivasan didn't try to reinvent the wheel but he chose to follow the foot steps of some strikingly similar films of the past both by him and others. Sometimes the simplest stories can be the most moving because they're so easy to relate to. And thats exactly the film manages to do despite a daunting three hours, it brings us so close to these characters for we see in them an extension of our own selves. Not applicable for all though (no pun intended), it do come with an experience you might have had in the past.

The story is simple with no great new plot, flawed and heartfelt but at the same its not pretentious and nor burdensome. The youth-oriented story line goes through the life of Arun from his teenage days until he gets married. The first half focuses on his college days, love at first sight and break up while the second half is about coming in terms with his choices and finding a way to move on with life. Like how old wine tastes better with age, this coming-of-age story film drama also matures. Interestingly these love stories are not one sided, it did showcase some creative narrative technique on equal partnership and also made small moments so enjoyable.

There are quiet a lot of far-fetched moments, cheesy dialogues and too-ideal situations which subtracts its overall impact. Hesham Abdul Wahab’s sensational score is one of the biggest highlight of the film. And its one of best audio albums of this year so far. Pranav Mohanlal and Darshana Rajendran endearing screen presence helps carries the story forward. Overall the film captures a place and time with a heavy musically enhanced feel-good moments which is sure to bring some nostalgic feel. Hridayame nee chashakamay nirayuvathenthino!!!!

Verdict - 3.5/5(A Sweet-Sour Memory)

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